Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Busy to Look for Work

Lately I've been neglecting freelance writing ads. In fact, as a result of meetings, networking and a steady stream of projects, I haven't spent much time on any freelance writing sites. I've been doing a lackluster job of keeping my blog updated.

If anyone had told me in those first few weeks after I quit my job that I'd have trouble finding any time to spend looking at freelance writing ads and keep my blog updated, I wouldn't have believed it. It's become reality, though. The problem is, even though I'm somewhat happy with the amount of work I have currently, I realize that it's not going to last forever. I have to find a way to cultivate future work.

Additionally, I'm spending a lot of time training for one of my hobbies, mountain bike racing, working on a business development with my husband and helping out some organizations in a volunteer capacity.

Something tells me I'm not really as busy as I think I am, that I'm just not doing very well with time management. I'm going to make an effort in the next week to add more structure to my days, set aside blocks of time to work on certain projects and see if it helps me to work more efficiently.

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