Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Saw Your Resume on Craigslist

In a recent post I talked about an idea I got from a fellow freelancer for posting an ad on craigslist. I decided to post an ad myself and see what happened. So far, the results have been completely lackluster. As with anything like this, when you post something, you open yourself up for all kinds of replies that don't interest you. Even though you are asked to indicate whether or not you want to be contacted by recruiters or for other services, many people don't follow these.

So far, I've received no legitimate responses to my ad, but several from people trying to get me to use a job search site or offer me a job completely unrelated to my post. In fact, I can tell none of these people even read my ad or just don't care about relating their e-mail to my ad, because most of them say "I saw your resume on craigslist." Mind you, I didn't post my resume, just an ad.

Still, I've decided to rerun my ad when it expires. Here are my reasons:
  1. I've already written the ad, so it will take very little work to post it again, even if I change it around a little.
  2. Someone someday, when I least expect it might actually see it and send me some work.
  3. It doesn't cost anything.
  4. It takes about two seconds to delete an undesirable e-mail and I probably only got about 10-15 of them in the span of a few weeks.


JR Moreau said...

I'm interested to see what your ad looks like. I won't steal it, I promise :-) Just want to see what yr. going for.

Jennifer Larson said...

I was curious to see what happened with your resume, too. I posted my resume recently on Monster, with some reluctance, and sure enough, every single response I've had has been from some random corporation that wants salespeople. No thanks!