Friday, January 9, 2009

Been to the Library Lately?

I used to frequent the public library, but in the past couple of years I've done more buying and borrowing of books, so I've been somewhat neglectful of my local library. This week I went to a small business owners panel held at the library and I discovered that I was underutilizing a valuable resource.

Have you ever heard of a business librarian? Our library has one. Maybe it's because, with our reliance on the auto industry for most of our business here in Michigan, our economy has been in the toilet for longer than everyone else's and they're trying to encourage growth in any way possible. Whatever the reason, the library is full of business and marketing resources that are as of yet untapped by many.

In addition to books, there are seminars and handouts, business plan contests and tons of advice for burgeoning entrepreneurs. For me, this resource is twofold. Not only does it give me ideas for marketing my freelance writing business, it's helping me be a better resource for the small businesses that constitute my client base.

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