Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm back. I know I've been seriously neglecting this blog lately. I can't figure out whether few people are reading it because I'm not updating it much or I'm just using few people reading it as an excuse for not keeping it updated.

I have been keeping busy between my two big clients and working on a few other projects here and there. I'm still struggling with time management. The more I examine how I'm spending my time, the more convinced I become that though I'm busier, I certainly have time to fit blog posts into my schedule. It's amazing how much easier it was when I didn't have any billable work to do. In the beginning, blogging was the closest thing to work I actually had.

Part of the problem, I know, is not being able to think of anything to write. When it seems like you've covered all the obvious topics it's difficult to think of others. I guess I'll start by carving out a few minutes today to brainstorm about topics. Maybe if I think of them a few days ahead of time it'll be easier to get the posts written.


JR Moreau said...

Good luck on brainstorming. I know the struggle!

Sandeep Datta said...

Hi Andrea !

I just came across your blog while visitng a fellow journalist's blog. I read two of the write up "I think I can" and "Neglect".

The first one rightly showcased how trying something new can surprise us with its results, especially once we have no fear of losing or the freedom to not being objected for giving sth. 'below expectation' in any eventuality. It does give the right space and motivation to creativity in a person.

The second write up "Neglect" perturbed me a bit. I noticed you neglected you blog just because there weren't many viewers according to your personal observations. Though you have full way of observing the things about your blog, I believe you must right to your potential and let your intelligent observation of things taking place around be recorded at this platform. Who knows you may end up collecting material for any book!!

I extend my friendship to you.

Sandeep Datta, Journalist, India