Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Working from Home is Like Working

After working from home for a month and a half now, I'm continually surprised by how many comments I get from people which imply I'm not working. While it's true I don't have a huge workload right now, the amount of time I spend looking for work is significant. So though I may be writing blog posts, looking at ads for writing gigs or updating my Web site, I still feel like it's work. It's also true that I have a lot more flexibility than when I was working in an office, so if I want to make doctor's appointments or take my dogs to the vet during the day, I do it. Still, I'm not the slacker everyone assumes I am.

Just as an example, I have one friend who constantly calls me during the day to initiate long phone conversations. He's bored at work and wants to talk. I've gotten to the point that I don't answer his calls if I'm in the middle of something because I know the conversation will be lengthy. After I started doing that, he questioned why I wasn't available to talk. From his perspective, I'm at home doing nothing all day, so he couldn't figure out why I wouldn't be free.

I wonder what it would take to gain the respect of friends, acquaintances and the general public and convince them that I'm not just sitting around eating bonbons all day.

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