Monday, December 1, 2008

Mish Mash

I've been thinking lately about my efforts to obtain freelance writing jobs and I'm wondering if I should be more focused in my search. Up until now, I've been trying to take whatever I can get since my work and income have been scarce. That means I've been soliciting local publications for the chance to write articles, as well as networking in an attempt to get projects from local small businesses and associations. To add to the mix, I've been answering ads online for individual gigs and writing a little for content mills.

One reason for being so diversified, as I've already mentioned, is because I want to get any work I can. A secondary reason is that I like the idea of doing varied projects for different types of clients. If I can write a press release and brochure copy for a local business, write an article for a publication and one for a Web site, it keeps things interesting. I also know, however, that many of the freelance writers I've encountered focus on one genre or the other. Some focus on trying to get published in magazines, while others stick to blogging. What I don't know as of yet is if either of these approaches is better. I would be interested in finding out whether there are many others out there who split their efforts between media like I do or whether most of them are focusing on one genre. I think I'll try to investigate it a little further.

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Athlyn Green said...

Hi Andrea,
If you are trying to grow a steady freelance income, it may prove more valuable to work a number of projects, as you have been doing--that way, you'll have different income streams coming in.

The writing life is so fluid that it pays to work more that one opportunity. That way, if one thing folds, you still earn from other projects.

The experience you gain from diversifying is invaluable.