Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Slowdown?

Over the last couple weeks, I noticed that there seemed to be fewer and fewer freelance writing ads (or maybe just fewer ads that interested me). Since it's December, I wondered if it was just a holiday slowdown. When I worked in an office, I remember not as much work getting done around the holidays. The mood was festive and everyone was looking forward to the holiday break. Consequently, everyone just wanted to finish whatever had to get done before the break. No one worried about initiating any new projects or finishing anything that could wait until after the festivities.

However, last week I had what can only be described as an onslaught (in relative terms, of course) of work that did not come from ads. I had an unexpected project come up on Friday that caused me to neglect my blog in order to finish everything. Now I have to spend this week finishing the following things I was hoping to get done last week and over the weekend, including a marketing plan and three articles. Not that I'm complaining.


amit t. said...

u are freelancing so u had a view like that. i m working in a daily newspaper the economic times, delhi, india. here people are always in a festival mood. we are working very hard and release our paper on time with our entertainmental process.

Sarah said...

I think you're right about the holiday slowdown. I would guess the rational is- why start a business relationship/project right as it's going to be put on hold for the holidays?

That's great that you've got a lot of work coming in- especially if you're not having to solicit it! That's a good indicator for the success of your business! :)

Annie said...

I've had a similar experience with the freelance up and down. Since December 1, had a great week, then a slow week, and now I'm booked again. Great, because I need the work; unfortunately I'm at my sister's for our Christmas visit but I can get writing done in between cookie baking and present wrapping. :) And this way I can pay for those presents!